Applied For Disability?

How Can You Check the Status of Your Application?

The natural query that arises after submitting the Social Security Disability claim is the status of the application. Having submitted the application for a Disability claim successfully is only the first step towards reaping the benefits of the efforts that go into it. You must be mentally prepared to wait for a period that may range from 6 to 8 months before the status on the application may be ascertained and that includes both an acceptance of the claim or a denial.

In case the applicant has a severe disability then the approvals may come extremely fast since it is processed through the Quick Disability Determination Program. The waiting period for decision on the disability claim is usually 5 months since most of the disabilities are likely to be cured during this period.

The Need To Check

The above facts make it pertinent that the status of the disability claim be checked periodically to keep you abreast of the developments on the application as also any intervention that may be required from your end. All effort should be made to economize on time wherever possible, from cutting on delays in submission of the claim to feeding in the necessary inputs that may be requested by the Social Security Office or State Disability Determination Services (DDS) office depending on the stage of the processing of the claim.

The number of cases that a Disability Examiner (DE) may be handling at a given point determines the overall speed with which each case shall move forward. The enquiry made for status check on the claim helps in drawing attention of the DE to your case and hence helps in adding speed to the processing of the claim. Incase everything is all right the enquiry will help in zeroing on the coordinates of the claim and incase some link is missing the DE shall inform you about the documents / information required to process the claim any further.

Knowing the Process

Making a mental note of the various stages involved in the processing of the disability claim and the expected timelines for achieving the same is of immense relevance. The knowledge helps the applicant to cope with the delays that may be frustrating at times in the absence of any clue about the whole process hence adding to worries and enquiry traffic at the Social Security Office.

Ways and Means

The update on the Disability claim can be obtained by all the available means which include checking the Internet site, making a phone call, writing to the Social Security Office or visiting in person. The fastest means from the aforementioned choices remains to be the internet since writing or visiting in person may involve a lot more time and calling on the phone may also not yield the expected replies. The means available to check the update on the Disability claim are illustrated as under:


Internet is the fastest means of checking the Disability Claim, and it should be used to get general update on the claim. You can visit official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration at – for more information. Once on the website, go to the option “Check the Status of Your application” which takes you to “Application Status Information” page wherein you will be required to enter the “Social Security Number” and the “Confirmation Number” in the appropriate fields. Click on the “Next” button once the required fields have been filled, and you will be taken to the relevant page for the information you desire.